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Sunday, March 30, 2014

HOW TO: Plug A Tire

So on Friday I made an early run to Ikea came home and hours later I had a flat tire. Thankfully my dad was planning to come over to my house and he noticed it. We went to Auto Zone and purchased the Slime/Tire Plug Kit $5.79 [ I highly recommend purchasing this and having it in your Emergency Kit]

Pictured below is the culprit the screw that caused my flat tire

My dad removed the screw and started the repair process.

Slime Tire Plug Kit x Instructions x Video

Video courtesy of: AutoMoto Mods


  1. This is great advice. My boyfriend always makes fun of me for not knowing the basics of how to keep a car in good condition. I've had a few issues with my tire in the past. Maybe that advice could really help me in the future. After all, I'm sure that it is very useful to know how to plug a tire.

  2. That is great that the tire plug kit is super affordable. I've always been super curious about how a hole in a tire is fixed. It never occurred to me that all there was to the filling agent was rubber cement. Are there other bonding agents for plugging holes in tires?

  3. Thanks for making the post. This slime tire plug kit is really amazing as we can fix the flat tire by own. A user must know the minor maintenance of the vehicle. It's not good at-all to depend on the care center each time for minor issues but maintenance is the most important thing for the vehicle. I prefer Mini Cooper Repair Calabasas for my car's maintenance and they deliver me a very pleasant service. You may prefer it.