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Emergency Chick Kit

Emergency Chick Kit:  Items you should have in your car just in case if an emergency situation happens.

#1 Car Documents: Car Insurance, Roadside Assistance and other important car related information

#2 Jumper Cables: Every driver should keep jumper cables in the trunk and be able to use them if the car stalls

#3 Car Jack, Donut (Spare Tire) and Tire Iron: These should come standard and  usually is located in the trunk. 

#4 A Pair of  Flats: Its always great to have a comfortable pair of shoes in the car just in case you have to change a tire or have to leave your car and walk.

#5 A Flashlight and batteries: It can be extremely handy to have when the situation is inconvenient but not necessarily dire.

 #6 An Umbrella: You never know what the weather will do! Its great to always have one in the car.

#7 Paper Towels: Its necessary to have: to check motor oil levels, brake fluid, transmission fluid etc

#8 A Phone Charger:  To Keep those mobile devices charged

#9 Small First Aid Kit: A small kit of the essentials: bandages, burn cream, antibacterial ointment, and pain relievers

#10 Tire Plug Kit:  A kit to repair puncture related flat tires.

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