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Friday, June 26, 2015

Ford reveals new eBike & MoDe Link

On Tuesday June 23rd I traveled to Silicon Valley to attend my first Further with Ford Digital Trends Conference. This was such an amazing experience I love how Ford is so innovative and constantly raising the bar with that being said at the conference they revealed the new MoDe:Flex eBike: A new prototype electric bike that offers customization and connectivity options for the enthusiast rider.

The New eBike will be equipped with MoDe:Link app to help riders navigate any environment and to provide real-time, turn-by-turn directions; Ford also experimenting with a prototype Apple Watch to enhance the connected journey.

MoDe:Flex has the proportions of a conventional bike, but the center frame  assembly includes a motor and battery. The front and rear assemblies and  wheels can be configured for road, mountain or city riding. The bike disconnects at the front and rear for easy storage, or can be reconfigured and pulled along – like a golf cart. The battery slides out of the bike for remote charging, or it can be plugged into a vehicle outlet

MoDe:Flex connects with the rider’s smartphone thanks to MoDe:Link. The app helps riders navigate any territory with real-time information regarding weather, congestion, parking costs, time, and public transportation. MoDe:Link also offers eyes-free navigation, route planning, and health and fitness information.

The MoDe:Link app extension prototype for the smartwatches allows drivers to access their car’s needs for an enhanced driving experience right at the wrist. Easily lock and unlock your vehicle, find where you parked as well as access mileage, driving efficiency, EV charging status and the vehicle manual.


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