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Monday, November 4, 2013

2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid

This weekend I had the pleasure of Riding around Hotlanta in a Ford Fusion Hybrid. I know you're asking yourself, What is a Hybrid? Hybrids are most often gasoline-burning machines that utilize their electric bits to collect and reuse energy that normally goes to waste in standard cars.

  • The gas engine and electric motor combine to deliver 188 net horsepower
  • Can travel up to 85 mph on electric power alone
  • Gas engine kicks in extra power when needed, such as when passing or merging
  • Located in back of Fusion Hybrid,
    Innovative 7.6kW lithium-ion battery
  • Powers permanent-magnet electric motor
  • Captures up to 90 percent of energy normally lost through heat during braking
  • Recycles energy to recharge hybrid battery

The technology in this vehicle is amazing the SYNC Voice-Activated Technology is so Easy to use the system allows you to pair your Bluetooth enabled phone and SYNC does the rest.You can make calls, Send/receive text messages and use various voice commands. The On Screen Dash is awesome, you can control your phone, Entertainment, Climate and Navigation. Some of my favorite features included:

Rear View Camera: Put the gear selector in reverse and the available rear view camera automatically transmits the image of what’s behind you to your eight-inch touch screen when you’re slowly backing up

Lane-Keeping System: includes both the lane-keeping alert and the lane-keeping aid. A camera mounted behind the windshield watches road lane markings to determine vehicle position and detect a lane departure.

The Fusion Hybrid is all about efficiency, The Fusion Hybrid also features visual aids to help you drive more efficiently. Informative screens such as Brake Coach help you maximize your vehicle’s efficiency. Other displays include Inform, Enlighten, Engage or Empower, and explain your options within each mode. Take a look below to see the on screen guide in action:


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