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Monday, September 28, 2015

Maintenance Monday: Fall vehicle checklist

Fall vehicle maintenance checklist: help your vehicle adjust to seasonal changes by completing this preventative maintenance checklist.
Most of the items on this checklist are geared toward winter driving but it’s much smarter and easier to do them during fall when the weather is milder and less threatening. 

Fall Vehicle Maintenance Checklist: be prepared!
  1. Check your oil level, and add oil if necessary. Be sure to use a multi-grade viscosity oil for winter driving.
  2. Test your battery for free at any auto parts stores. If it needs to be replaced, Advance Auto Parts will install the new battery for no extra fee.
  3. Inspect your windshield wipers. Bitter cold, snow and ice are hard on their rubber blades. You can find blades designed for winter at Advance Auto Parts stores. They install those for free, too.
  4. Fill your windshield wiper reservoir with the proper type of windshield fluid for your climate.
  5. Look at the level and condition of your engine coolant. If the level is low, add antifreeze. If the condition looks poor, do a flush-and-fill.
  6. Evaluate your belts and hoses. If you see any evidence of fraying, cracking or leaking, get a new belt or hose immediately.
  7. Consider getting a tune-up, especially if it’s been 30,000 miles or so since your last one. At the least, perform a visual inspection of your spark plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor.
  8. Make sure your tires are properly inflated. When dealing with sloppy or icy road conditions, you’ll need the best traction your tires can deliver. If your tires are worn, replace them before winter arrives.
  9. Apply high-grade car wax to your vehicle’s exterior to help protect it from the possible onslaught of snow, ice, sleet and freezing rain.
  10. Put together a winter car survival kit. Jumper cables, flares, ice scrapers, road salt, flashlights, flares, blankets, first aid materials and snacks are all good to include in your kit.

Tips provided by Advance Auto Parts


  1. This is an excellent check list for the upcoming winter season. You make a good point to make sure that your window washer fluid is full. This can help to prevent accidents due to vision impairment. You also make a good point to go in for a tune-up. You might have warn parts that are easily replaceable with used parts. Thanks again for your checklist.