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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

HOW TO: Replace An Air Filter

Today I started my own summer car maintenance and changed out my air filter. The Air Filter is like the lungs of your vehicle. An air filter prevents contaminants and debris from getting into your engine. As you know, an automobile engine is powered by a mixture of fuel and air. A clogged or overly dirty air filter can result in:
  • Non-optimal gas mileage
  • Weak performance
  • Reduced engine life
Since the air filter collects many of the bad things in the environment, to keep them out of your car, it can get dirty and clogged, therefore needing replacement.

You should always check your owner's manual for the maintenance recommendations on your vehicle—including the air filter. But, in general, says an air filter should be changed 12 months or every 12,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Dirty/Old Air Filter
New Air Filter

Locate the air filter.

Before you start the work, be certain the engine is cool. If it's still hot from driving, let it cool down before you begin. The air filter is generally located in a black plastic case near the top of the engine. It's about the size of a loaf of bread and should be the only plastic case on the top of the engine.

Open the case.

This is where the tools may come into play. Generally, the top is held onto the air filter case by metal clips. You can pop open these clips by sliding the butter knife between the clip and the plastic case. Sometimes, the case is held together by screws. If so, use the correct screwdriver and just unscrew the screws.

Remove the old filter and add the new.

Simply lift the old filter out of the case, wipe out any debris in the case with a rag, and place the new filter right side up into the case. Close the top and reattach the clips or screws.


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