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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tesla Motors unveils new automated driving system

Tesla Motors Inc. unveiled an all-wheel-drive version of its Model S luxury electric car and an automated driving system designed to prevent accidents and even allow vehicles to park themselves.

The new autopilot features rely on a combination of radar, sonar and cameras that are able to recognize stop signs, pedestrians and highway barriers. Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk said the self-driving features are already being installed in current production vehicles. 

Tesla would begin delivering in December its top-of-the-line model equipped with twin electric engines, one for front-wheel drive and another for the rear wheels. Such all-wheel-drive configurations allow for better road handling, improves efficiency and boosts power and acceleration. Other models with all-wheel-drive will follow next year.

Amid cheers from Tesla owners on hand at Thursday’s unveiling, Mr. Musk said the dual-engine system takes slightly more than three seconds to go from a standing start to 60 miles an hour. The dual motor version of the Model S P85 would cost about $120,000 and be an about $14,600 option for other vehicles.

He also said the new autonomous driving feature will create “a protective cocoon around the vehicle” aimed at warning of impending collisions. The goal, he said, is for a driver to “step out of the car and have it park itself in your garage.” A technology package with autopilot adds about $4,250 to the price of a Model S. 

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